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Featured artists
Eric van Straaten (Large fullcolor 3D-printed sculptures)
New Stainless steel sculpture work overview by Changirl Park (Korea/ Seoul)
Yvonne Domenge (Mexico)
Sanae Takahata
Lucas Salton - Art Glass Designer
Thoma Ryse
Claire Morgan
Denise Green
Shun Yang
Peter Kiss
Christopher D Allen (Canada)
Work Reference by Ho-Sook OH (Korea)
Chema Madoz (photo)
Christian Koller
Jesse Small
Project references
Outdoor sculpture, Harmony, bronze, 7000x95000mm for Yuccie Square, project completion in 2015
Night on Mountain, Outdoor sculpture on water-feature, mixed media, 2018
Victory Harbour - Residential Development Project, 2018
Fish 。1989, Landscape Installation, Mixed media, 2019, Drainage Service Department, Stonecutter Island
Design and supply commission artwork for the City Point (環宇海灣 )
The largest archtiecture outdoor sculpture in Hong Kong
Public Art for Real Estate
Customized artwork production for Hotel decoration
New Landmark in Central - A pair of master piece of bronze sculpture for The Center
Customized production work for a New Japanese Hotel
Stainless steel wall-mounted feature in 5 meter height
New outdoor sculpture
Design and supply Feature Wall art pieces for Real Estate Projects
Corporate art commssion projecrs
Lamberts Art Glass Project Reference
Know about us
Sunshine day and Midnight dreams by Christian Koller
Newton Place Hotel filled up with Musical Color
Polished stone sculpture by Andreas Buisman
Trial Art Program
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Austrian Art - Project Reference
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Austrian Art Agency
Austria is not only renowned for its music and culture. Its contemporary art scene is also gaining international attention for its diversity and creativity. State-Of-The-Arts Gallery proudly presents Austrian arts in Hong Kong.