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Polished stone sculpture by Andreas Buisman
The young Austrian sculptor hones and polishes the smooth surfaces which he has formed out of the anonymity of the rough surfaces and he accentuates the fine veins of crystallized quarz that run through the stone pillars.

Andreas Buisman invites us to discover his sculptured world with the contrasing effects of rough, unhewn stone and the highly polished surfaces refelecting the viewers face.

He wants us forget the restlessness and stress of everyday life and to experience peace and quiet moments surveying his sculptures formed out of age-old stones. He has found the material in which to express himself and which tells us of the history of the landscapes they were formed in.

The province of Thuringen in Germany is very similar to the landscape in Austria where the stones were found and formed. There as well as here you will find deep forests, dark streams and sense the mystical stillness which envelope the stone sculptures in Andreas Buisman's exhibition at State-of-the-Arts Gallery from now on.

The stones come in different sizes from 1.5 meters long up to 4 meters long (weighing 100 kg to 5 tons) that meet your in-door decoration for office reception/office, spa, club house etc or open-air installation such as swimming pool, garden, building entry etc. Commission work available on project base.