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Sunshine day and Midnight dreams by Christian Koller
Fused Glass work installed at Harbour City, Gateway Apartment hampion Court in 100 x 110 cm.

The technique Fusing glass offers a wide range of creative possibilities by bringing powerful colours to all of us together with peaceful vibrations. The molten glass pieces of different kind and colours connect diverging (contradictory) parts of composition to a harmonious community.

So in my imagination the glowing heat of the sunis not so much something controversial to the cool deep sea but reaches the hand for a symbiosis and togetherness of both.

There is a duality from the fusing glass itself:
First the hilly structured and rhythmic surface comes to life with light upon it that creates the reflex ions and glances on this magic glass landscape.

Second the light coming through it from behind merges the surrounding and the spectator into a lovely flood of colourful light and offers a little gift of enchantment to those passing by engaged in everyday business.