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Austrian Art - Project Reference
This Austrian residence is located in the heart of Austria in one of the most beautiful mountain areas of the province UPPER Austria in a village called EDLBACH. The house is surrounded by green meadows, tree covered hills and mountains with peaks as high as 2.500 m. Having lived in Hong Kong for 14 years, the family decided to build a VILLA style country house with lots of open spaces and sunlight flooded rooms. In fact, the house enjoys the sun from sunrise to sunset. The garden is around. 40,000 sq. ft and a beautiful swimming pool guarantees enjoyable summer days.

In winter, when the snow is sometimes 5 ft high, the house stays warm due to the best bricks in the market (each brick has a diameter of 52 cm !!). The house has an environment friendly geothermic heating system combined with solar panels for the warm water heating. Rainwater is also collected and used for the toilet flushing.

The house consists of a total area of approx. 4,000 sq.ft. In the basement are a guest room,
billiard room, wellness area with sauna and a children playing room. The 1st floor has a large
kitchen, dining room, living room with separate cinema room and storage rooms. The 2nd floor, which is reached over a staircase which is build of old wooden trunks, houses the master bedrooms and bathrooms and a beautiful home office, which overlooks the surrounding area. To give the house a country touch, a lot of old wood e.g. from old farm houses is incorporated for example at the wardrobe. Also the tiles inside the house and around the house have all an antique look and touch. The furniture combines old pieces from the grandmother like a hundred year old kitchen cabinet or chests from the Biedermeier period (ard. 1850) with modern style tables and book cabinets from the company Anrei.

An 8 wooden panel door from the 19th century and a wooden window frame from China blend perfectly with the old wooden ceilings and furniture from Austria that is decorated between the living room and music/AV room.

Most paintings in the house are from Chinese Artists and the goal was clearly to show how perfectly Chinese furniture and art matches Austrian furniture and art.

Since Austria is not only the home of well cuisine, beautiful cities and countryside and of course music by Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Strauss, Beethoven etc. but also of extremely gifted artists, it was the goal of the home owner to decorate the house with some outstanding artefacts from young Austrian artists.

The artistic center pieces of the house are two wooden sculptures from the famous Austrian artist Paul Muehlbauer depicting a beautiful female body growing out of a cherry trunk (called Denudation) and a male body trying to climb a granite stone inside the A/V room. (called Coming to Realisation).

Another original piece is a wooden sculpture from Hans Pattis carved out of a vine.

The Austrian artist Christian Koller is specialized in fusing glass and has contributed a beautiful wall lamp and colourful sliding door elements as well as other fusing glass sculptures.

Another highlight is the painted floor lamp from artist Andreas Buisman and a painting by the brilliant painter Emil Herker who is specialized in figurative and photo realistic paintings.

Comments from the architect Dipl. Ing. Alois Huber
An intriguing contemporary country house, which blends perfectly into its idyllic but also rough surroundings, with glorious views from each room and an interior decoration which matches OLD and NEW, EAST and WEST in a way second to none.