art consultancy
Art Acquisition
STATE-OF-THE-ART GALLERY work in the capacity as both a gallery and Decorative Arts Consultant and Specifier. In the second role, the option available to a corporate client is to represent their best interest and the procurement of artwork from a widest variety of sources available to us.

Whether a collection interests lie in original paintings, limited edition prints, textiles, sculpture, architectural artifacts, photography or other media, we can locate artwork for a collection that reflects a corporate client's concern for quality, values and diversity.

We aggressively negotiate discounts to get you the best prices possible from sources throughout the world including galleries, commissions, private dealers, auctions, private and corporate collectors. Occasionally we can procure fantastic bargains from motivated sellers.

Our knowledge of and interaction with the art market, art in corporate settings, art professionals, curators and collections provides us with the skills and resources to not only build, but also to downsize and liquidate collections.

The key to a successful sale of artwork is timing, strategy and maximizing available sale channels appropriate to the quality of work including:
- On and Offline Auctions
- Public sale
- Consignment
- Placing with corporate collections or investment buyers
- Employee Sale