Austrian Art Agency (Europe)
About Austrian Art Agency
Austria is not only renowned for its music and culture. Its contemporary art scene is also gaining international attention for its diversity and creativity. State-Of-The-Arts Gallery proudly presents Austrian arts in Hong Kong with its showcase of a variety of brilliant pieces, including bronze, wood sculpture, glassware and paintings by a number of promising Austrian artists.

Renowned artists include Paul Muehlbauer who contributes limited edition bronze sculptures; artistic glass designer Christain Koller who combines the concept of image and glass sculpture with colour to luminous effect; wood sculpture by Hans Pattis, which sees the human shape and its texture provide a sense of nature; paintings by Emil Herker whose work reveals the unnoticed details of everyday life with magical verisimilitude; along with many more.

We manage commissioning work with painting, bronze sculptures and art glasses for your various project requirements while assuring the overall budgetary and quality control from design to installaion.

奧地利不只以音樂和文化聞名於世,多元創新的當代藝術同樣備受注目,State-Of-The-Arts 畫廊作香港的奧地利藝術代理,現隆重介紹幾位才華洋溢的奧地利藝術家及其作品,當中包括:Paul Muehlbauer的青銅雕塑;Christain Koller的結合圖像與雕塑,色彩與光影的玻璃藝術;Hans Pattis充滿大自然及人和意味的木雕;以及Emil Herker栩栩如生的筆觸描繪出日常生活細節的油畫。

For Hong Kong enquiry, please call (852) 2526-1133, or

Austria office: Edlbach 161 A-4580, Windischgarsten, Austria, Europe.
(43) 664/1503617, or email: